1979 Revolution: Black Friday Review

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an adventure point and click game developed and published by iNKstories, releasing on PC, PS3, 360 and iOS in April 2016.  The game focuses on the Iranian Revolution, from 1979 that led to the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi in Iran.

The game play is your run of the mill point and click adventure game, but resembles more of a Telltale style environment, where timed dialog choices are prominent throughout the story, as well as quick time events. Thankfully the QTEs are few and far between, allowing you chance to sit back and relax the main element of this game, the gripping story.

The most important feature of a point and click game is obviously going to be the plot, 1979 Revolution ticks all of the right boxes there. Following a historical timeline of events with slight blurred lines between reality and what you see in the game, we follow Reza and his good friend Babek as they look to exploit the terrorist regime in Iran to start a revolution. You meet important characters along the way and you will develop relationships with them depending on actions and dialog choices throughout. The story takes you through dips, turns and dramatic outcomes, and potentially leaves the plot open for a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of this game, not only is it an interesting plot, but it teaches you something, which is always an added bonus when it comes to video games.

Graphically this game looks decent, nothing spectacular, but there are hundreds of worse looking titles out there. It looks like an early GTA title in terms of textures, animations and work environments. Still pleasant to look at, but don’t expect state of the art graphics and clean cut visuals here. The voice acting on the other hand is brilliant, all characters are well voiced and fit their character’s perfectly. This game would not be what it is today without this top notch voice acting. I can’t imagine I would of enjoyed it nearly as much if it was text based.

There isn’t any difficulty to 1979, The only time you will fail at any point is if you miss a QTE, and then you can simply replay it and pay more attention! While the game does have different choices to take throughout the plot, the ultimate ending will near enough be the same regardless, which is a bit of a shame as I always like it when games clearly make your choices matter.

It is also worth noting that this game is very short.  The story is spread out across 18 chapters, but this still only took me under an hour to complete. You will find a bit of replayability though due to the different paths you may follow, as well as tons of collectibles and achievements to hunt for as well. For me though, I’m only going to want to play through it once.

Overall, 1979 is a really good adventure game, but the only thing that lets it down is the lack of content that gives this game any longevity. If the story could be expanded or lead onto maybe an Episode 2, then it would be well worth the £8.99 but purely because it is so short, I can only recommend 1979 Revolution: Black Friday when it is on sale.



Final Score

4.0 /10


  • Story
  • Educational
  • Voice acting


  • Short
  • Low end graphics

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