4 New Steam Games You Need To Check Out That You Might Have Missed

Steam is awash with shovel wear crap due to opening the flood games from Steam Direct, so we've picked out 4 games that came out last week that you may have missed, and should be checking out.


Survival horror games tend to do well on PC, just look at the likes of DayZ and how popular that is. Well Darkwood is a survival horror but from a top down perspective. With rogue like elements, this game has all the makings for a brilliant PC game. Players are encouraged to explore the huge ever changing open world in the day, and then hunker down in your hideout at night.

Being priced very modestly at £11.99 with a special promotion on currently down to £10.79 and holding a 94% positive rating on system, you really can't go wrong with Darkwood




Another rogue like style game makes our list, this time 20XX. You'd be right in thinking this looks like Mega Man, but it does


everything Mega Man did right, and also fixes Mega Man's problems too. It's the game sequel to Mega Man that Capcom should have made. This multiplayer action platformer is a ton of fun, and with random levels, daily and weekly challenges, and over 100 power ups for you to collect, 20XX has some real staying power.

Again, modestly priced at £10,99 with a launch discount down to £8.79. TeamTomReviews will have a full review available to 20XX soon!

Tree of Life

Very rarely does an indie dev release an MMO as one of their first games. That hasn't stopped oddongames though. In Tree of Life you build your own castle, village or kingdom, exactly however you want. With a heavy focus on the player-based economy and playing how you want, this MMO has plenty of room for growth in a genre which is often just assumed to be full of WoW clones. Tree of Life offers something a little different.  Another very well priced title at £14,99 and on sale for £10.49 right now. Yesterday the game had over 2000 players.


Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

No, it's not related the Pillars of Eternity, but Pillars of the Earth is a point and click adventure game set in 12th Century England. With a beautiful art style, and masterful voice acting. Based on Ken Follet's world-best seller, "The Pillars of the Earth" you are getting an epic story that can now be experienced in a new interactive way. The game is split into three chapters (or books). No release dates have been set for chapters 2 and 3, but you can pick up the whole game now on Steam for £26.99. The game boasts a 94 % rating on Steam already.


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