6 Dumbest Pokemon Designs Ever

  1. Comfey

Comfey is one of the newest Pokemon on this list, coming from the Pokemon Sun and Moon generation, and proving that newer doesn’t always mean better: just look at this thing! It's literally a couple of flower heads cobbled together. What makes things worse is that its actual attacks iconsist of throwing even more flowers at the enemy. Flowers! Comfey is more or less used as a cleric Pokemon in this gen, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the design is just plain lazy.


  1. Voltorb/Electrode

What?! How can I call out one of the beloved Generation 1 pokemon? Best put me on a cross and burn me! But in all seriousness, Voltorb and Electrode are essentially just Pokeballs. Part of its move kit is that during lightning strikes, it literally just explodes. So not only is the design lazy by just copying a Pokeball, but the Pokemon itself is scaredy-pants too. Great job, Game Freak!


  1. Klefki

When you look at this “Pokemon” you honestly have to question what was going on in the minds of Game Freak when they designed it. Here’s what I picture: the team was actually just drunk when one enterprising soul came up with the idea: “Guys, the next thing I see, we’ll totally make into a Pokemon.” Said individual was then struck by the wondrous insight of, “Pokemon… pocket monster… what’s in my pockets? Keys! Guys! KEYS. PO-KEY-MON. WE ARE ONTO A WINNER!”


No, you weren’t. Back to the drawing board with you.


  1. Luvdisc

We all love cute Pokemon, don’t we? Clefairy… Marill, heck even Ekans has a certain  charm in the right light. Now don’t get me wrong, Luvdisc is a cute Pokemon - just look at it, it’s a love heart! But it's possibly one of the worst-designed Pokemon to ever come out. Luvdisc’s mouth is literally a single line, and yes I’m going to contradict myself, but its whole design is based on a heart shape?! How does this poor fish breath underwater? I don’t see any fins or gills. This Pokemon should actually just drown and we’d probably be all better off for it.


  1. Probopass

When I look at Probopass, all I can think of is Nigel Thornberry, one of the most annoying voices to ever exist in this world. Probopass even looks like it has duck heads for arms. I could have forgiven the whole thing if not for that godforsaken mustache. Please, for the love of Mew, invest in a Gillette blade, Probopass, and get rid of that bush!


1 Garbodor

Here we go; the absolute pinnacle of Pokemon design. This cursed Pokemon is garbage. Quite literally garbage. Okay, it’s from the 5th generation, so ideas may be getting a little hard to come by, but surely,surely they could have come up with something a little more original than a pile of rubbish. Does this thing just suddenly emerge from a dump? Do you just wake up one morning to find your bin has walked off because some wandering trainer walked passed your house in the night and snagged themselves this poison-type Pokemon? I may not have picked him if he also wasn't god awful in the games as well. I. Hate. Garbodor.


There we have it, my pick for top 6 worst designed Pokemon out there. What do you think to our list? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments

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