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Hi, I’m Tom, and write reviews for PC games. I have written reviews for a number of published websites in the past but wanted to have a place to keep all of my reviews so that is how teamtom.reviews was born.

I have been gaming for as long as I remember, I started with a Super Nintendo to a Nintendo 64, then a Playstation 1, then to a PlayStation 2, and then I made the jump to PC gaming.

It was originally World of Warcraft that got me into the PC platform, I played that game for years and never attempted to play another game, until about five years ago when I discovered Steam. Since then I have been battling, like many of you with an everlasting backlog of games. I started reviewing the games I was playing to give me some sort of motivation to play them rather. I am still learning the trade of writing but I have worked with a number of popular developers and publishers in the past to review their games.

I have recently started doing LetsPlay videos on my YouTube channel, as well as converting some of my written reviews into video reviews. This is a new venture for me, but one that I am enjoying learning.

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