Armikrog Review

Armikrog is a point and click adventure game releasing in September 2015 on PC, PS4 and WiiU. It is a spiritual successor to Neverhood, a game developed in 1996 by Doug TenNapel. Armikrog was created by the author of the original game who also managed to gather almost the whole team of staff back together for this project too.

You play as a lovable alien named Tommynauht, who crash lands on a strange planet with his companion Beak-Beak, as the story plays out you end up being captured and locked in the stronghold of Armikrog. The gameplay consists of wacky puzzles to solve which are sometimes so far out there that I am surprised anyone has even managed to complete this game without the aid of a guide. The puzzles which took my fancy over the others had to be the sliding block ones, normally these sort of side puzzles just drive me insane, but it felt rather relaxing here to be sliding blocks back and forth to recreate an image. The use of your companion in order to reach harder to reach places by flying was also a nice little touch.

Armikrog’s art style is probably the most distinguishing feature of the game. All of the characters and locations are made out of plasticine and animated in stop-motion style. The developers had to hire an entire team of puppet makers, sculptor, and animators to pull this style off and they have done a great job overall in making this game look as unique and very well presented. The game itself is created using the Unity graphics engine.

As with most point and click games you are going to spend most of your time figuring out puzzles and working out how to progress the story; and Armikrog is no different. I spent roughly seven hours completing the game but feel like this was dragged on a little bit due to the lack of any navigational aids or tools anywhere in the game. Unfortunately due to the linear storyline on offer, that also results in this only being a one playthrough pony – a lack of choices or any sort of variety on offer for a second play through is lacking sadly. Whilst all of the levels found within Armikrog are well designed, I feel as if the developers could have added a little more interactivity with the environment; it starts out well with having a few items and objects interactable but this dwindles after the first chapter which again was rather disappointing as I wanted to see more of the game’s slick art style and animation in action.

I found the mouse controls within the game to be somewhat unresponsive too; sometimes you had to click a few times in order for the characters to move; this becomes a little bit of an annoyance more than anything else. The game also doesn’t have much of a UI to contend with either; and even if you select subtitles in the menu, this is sometimes completely ignored and some voices are not turned into subtitles, again -  another disappointing find. You’ll also get a fair amount of random frame drops which will result in a loss of immersion throughout too; this only happened a handful of times but was definitely noticeable.

I am amazed at how highly this game is priced, there is no way it warranties a £18.99 price tag. This is a game that you’ll only be able to play once, regardless of how nice the game looks, there just isn’t enough content on offer to warrant that type of price. I’m just glad I picked this game up on sale when it was 65% off, making it around the £7 mark which is a much better price point. If you too can get it whilst on sale, then I would recommend you pick it up, but do not purchase this game at full price – it’s just not worth it.



Final Score

5.0 /10

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