Blackfaun Review

Blackfaun is a roguelike game that was released in early December 2015 being developed by a lesser known team, Wild Guess Software. Roguelike is probably my favourite genre just behind RPG, so I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this game.

The game play is very similar to most top down dungeon crawler games, you have a top down view of your character and you have to navigate each level and reach the defeat the final boss on each stage.  You have a regular attack (left click) and a special ability (right click); each of these will change throughout your run due to the best part of this game, the loot pickups. Your main attack will change in style, from single target damage, to AOE damage, to a more trap effect. Whilst your special ability can be all sorts of different attacks too, you really get to pick and choose how you play your character with the items on show in the game thus far.   As you kill enemies they will drop a sort of potion, whether it is health or mana. Whilst exploring you will also find experience orbs, these orbs also offer the chance to give you a random increase to one of your stats. I thought this was a nice little addition that really makes exploring one of top aims whilst playing.  

The game starts out without a tutorial, I would have liked to have seen one explain what everything does, but it is fairly simple to work out, and of course, since the game is still in Early Access, it could still be added.  As you explore further into the dungeons, you will come across areas which have a shop keeper, allowing you to purchase access to loot chests using the gold you have looted. At the moment, there are only 5 or 6 item slots; I would really like to see this increased to include many other item slots, such as maybe an additional ring slot, capes, boots, and gloves. I think having tons of loot is what makes dungeon crawlers, and whilst Blackfaun has that, it would be just amazing to have even more!

The art style in Blackfaun reminded me very much of League of Legends, the bright colours and stunning looking environments just look awesome.  The animations of all characters and sprites are spot on as well.  

There is an underlying plot to Blackfaun, I was paying attention, but to be honest, I wanted to just continue the addictive gameplay. I couldn’t get enough of it! I really see this game blowing up big time if the developers keep going as they are. I would love to see some sort of daily challenge mode introduced, or maybe an infinite gauntlet based mode too on top of the story mode.

At the moment, the game has 2 stages, which have about four levels in each of them. This took me just under an hour to complete, and it really left me with a sense of wanting more, immediately. There is definitely a lot of room for replay ability just going off the fact that the game play is so addictive. Another cool feature that has been included is that collecting achievements in game actually rewards you with more items in game too! This is the only game I can think of right now that actually does that with achievements, and it’s something more developers should be doing!

I didn’t have any technical issues; I was playing at 1440p with a smooth 60fps at all times on full graphics. I was a little shocked to see the graphics options was just a slide bar, but maybe that’s just there because of early access, since it is a PC game, we really need to see proper graphics options though.

To sum up, even though Blackfaun is in early access, I can easily highly recommend this game. The last update for the game was on the 30th December 2015, so the developers are active. The retail price at the moment is £10,99 – if you are a little hesitant about picking up an early access title, you may want to wait for it to go on sale, but if you are a roguelike/dungeon crawler fan like me, I cannot recommend this game enough. I can really see this game being top-notch as the developers continue to update this game.



Final Score

5.5 /10


  • Customizeable character abilities
  • Bright art style
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Lack of tutorial

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