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BlobCat is an indie puzzler about the cubic DiceMice attempting to reach their home before spherical BlobCats can gobble them up. You watch over a checkered floor, guiding the DiceMice to their holes, avoiding the famished BlobCats. To do this, you use the WASD keys to place arrows in the checkerboarded area. Once you have placed the amount of arrows you've been given, you press Go! The DiceMice begin to move, and the arrows move them in their designated direction, allowing the adorable rodents to skirt around obstacles and BlobCats. If one of the BlobCats touches a DiceMice or enters the hole before all of the DiceMice do first, the round resets. Usually, the player must go through many resets each level in order to experiment with how the DiceMice and BlobCats react. 

BlobCat's gameplay is very unique, which doesn't come very often in the Puzzle genre. Though it may seem a bit simple, the levels are anything but monotonous. Each reset makes you feel as if you're one arrow away from getting it right, eventually leading to the DiceMice making a satisfying leap into its hole. Sometimes a victory will grant you a sticker, encouraging you to keep playing. These stickers of BlobCats and DiceMice can be accessed through the main menu in a scrapbook, and can be added to your own. Completing levels gives you access to other worlds. Starting off in the Kitchen, you can make your way to a Wild West, Space, Forest, and a Snow world. Each world contains different mechanics, keeping the game interesting as you explore the schematics of each level.

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Hearing that BlobCat had multiplayer, I was curious to see how it would play out. I invited a friend to join me, and set out to explore BlobCat's second gamemode. You begin by creating a personal DiceMice with 3 sets of cosmetics. Each cosmetic piece looked pretty good, and added to the general fun and uniqueness of the game. After selecting online mode, you can either search for a game or create a private room. I'd recommend trying out multiplayer with a friend; there may not be many players online.

Multiplayer turned out to be pretty fun. There was a number of gamemodes to select, most of them including two holes on the board. Upon starting, DiceMice and BlobCats immediately begin running about; there was no preparation stage. The general idea was to direct more DiceMice into your hole, and more BlobCats into your opponents. The BlobCats usually blocked off the hole from DiceMice for a period and subtracted health or points. It can get pretty hectic, adding a surprising amount of competitiveness you wouldn't expect from a casual puzzler. BlobCat's multiplayer mode is definitely one of the game's high points, and is good for some fun and laughs.

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BlobCat's 3D elements were surprisingly very good for a small indie game. There was a lot of obvious detail in each model. I especially liked the cosmetic models that you see in certain worlds and BlobCat's multiplayer mode.

Each world had its own map to look at. The kitchen and forest were especially pleasing to look at. Unfortunately, the graphics took quite a fall around the "Wild West" world. Most of the objects seemed clunky and awkward. It was almost as if someone had just drawn them on, which looked especially unfortunate around it's 3D counterparts. There were a few more out of place objects in other worlds. Other then that, however, the scenery contains a plentiful amount of things to look at as your DiceMice and BlobCats run around below you.

I must add there is no shortage of well-done, adorable drawings in this game.

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Each world in BlobCat has it's own musical theme. The music is relevant to the world, and is one of the main aspects I kept playing. It is incredibly well done, especially considering it's smaller foundation. The layers of upbeat piano. The true masterpiece in this game is in it's soundtrack.

Upon finishing our session my companion kept the BlobCat open, just to listen to its fantastic soundtrack as he went about on his computer. If you aren't planning on buying it, I'd definitely recommend listening to the track first, and it might convince you otherwise.

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Overall, this game was very pleasing to play. The graphics and gameplay of BlobCat will influence how I look at other puzzlers in the future. Though the models might be a bit clunky at times, the scenery was always interesting to look at. The music was incredible, and I found myself humming the soundtrack to myself later on that day. Coming from someone who doesn't have much interest in puzzle games, I'd recommend you pick this game up, especially if you have a friend with you.



Final Score

7.0 /10


  • Unique gameplay
  • Competitive multiplayer
  • Adorable 2D artwork
  • Soundtrack


  • Lack of players for online multiplayer
  • Clunky and awkward 3D objects in later levels

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