Burgers Review

Burgers is a side scrolling action game, developed and published by storm_sharks.  I am going to start out by saying, from the screenshots this game reminded me a lot of games like Castle Crashers, and Metal Slug, so was quite excited to try it out. Sadly what followed was quite possibly one of my worst gaming experiences of my entire life, and I’m talking Slaughtering Grounds levels of bad.

The game play idea is very simple, as with other side scrolling action games, you progress to the right hand side of your screen taking out enemies as you go, somehow this game doesn’t manage to even do that concept very well. Let’s start off with the controls, you obviously cannot miss them because as soon as you start the game, BAM there they are in your face very obnoxiously…at the start of every level too. There is a nice feature that I have not seen in games before, where you press a button and you can move backwards rather than moving the directional stick, I thought it was quite cool, only when I found out you couldn’t actually shoot whilst moving…so it turned out to be quite a pointless addition.  Most levels you will almost always run out of ammo for your weapons. This is infuriating when you are only about half way through the stage, and you have a trail of bad guys chasing you because you aren’t able to kill them, how do you get more ammo you ask? By killing bad guys…ironic huh.  

The art style in Burgers is probably its only redeeming feature. The cartoon look to it really pleased the eye and most of the animations were done really well too. The background environments are almost just a copy and paste throughout the stage as you can see the copy point quite clearly.  Next, we have the sound effects, or a better wording would be, the lack of. The only sounds you will get out of this game are the sound of your automatic rifle and the sound of bullets landing on your foes. Nothing else. Seriously, nothing. The flamethrower gun makes no sound. Enemies charging at you, make no sound. No soundtrack, I thought maybe the game had bugged so reinstalled it, nope, nothing – it is seriously bad.

The game can be easy or hard, depending on how well you are at conserving your ammo and how quick you are at picking up the controls. I couldn’t get past the last level because of the poorly designed control system and, you guessed it, lack of ammo. I have been playing for just over an hour and have no intention to ever pick this game up again.

There aren’t any actual technical problems, what is there in the game does work, it just doesn’t make sense. I ran it on 1440p without any problems at 60 fps, but of course, it’s never going to be the most taxing of games on any modern day rig.

To sum up, Burgers, is 100% definitely the worst game I have played in the past 12 months, and it quite possibly the worst game I have ever played in my entire life. I am still shocked at how bad the sound department is of this game and the poorly produced gameplay. Do not give this game any time of day, even at £1,99 this game is not worth a single penny.  



Final Score

0.5 /10


  • Cute art style


  • Poor controls
  • Lack of ammo drops
  • No sound effects

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