Dropsy Review

Dropsy is a point and click adventure game with a really interesting pixel graphic art style that was released in September 2015, being developed by Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse.

In all good point and click style, Dropsy is a confusing yet very entertaining adventure game. The game’s puzzles and game world environment are all extremely interesting to explore and solve. Following the trend of classic point and clicks, some of the puzzles make no sense what so ever and you will be resorting to the help of forums and wiki posts to progress without wanting to spoil too much of the surprise. Dropsy the clown only wants to help people, as you wander around the modern day world solving small puzzles for anyone you come across, all you want in return is a simple hug. It has a very creepy vibe throughout the whole game that is portrayed excellently through the main character, Dropsy.  Very early on in the game you assemble a party of three other characters, these are a dog, a bird and a mouse. These other party members can be used to complete puzzles, find more items and explore parts of the environment that Dropsy would not otherwise be able to do himself.

The art style in Dropsy is gorgeous. The pixel art style that takes you back to yesteryear showing off exactly how you pull of the pixel graphics to a very high standard. The game’s animation of all the character is splendid too, with not one wrong move being seen throughout. You will also be very creeped out by a lot of the art in the game too; some of it is very trippy, a lot of it has a really dark feel to it whilst being in a very colorful scheme, but this fits very well with the main character being a Clown though. The art is definitely my favorite aspect of this game.

Even though the game does not have any spoken English dialogue, you are still able to get a grasp of the game’s plot. It has some very sad and tragic undertones, whilst also being bright and cheerful at points too. Most of the game’s story is portrayed with the use of thought bubbles above character’s head. I thought this was a very interesting way of getting the plot across to the player as it leaves a lot of it up to the player’s imagination as well.

Dropsy was a very difficult game to complete; I think if I didn’t have the aid of a walkthrough at times I probably wouldn’t have been able to complete it. Some of the puzzles and solutions are just fundamentally whacky and I really don’t see how anyone could solve them without some sort of prior knowledge of the game. Throughout the game, you will also have the opportunity to collect lots of collectible items as well, this adds to the game’s longevity and offers a little diversion from the main plot when you need a bit of a break.

I finished Dropsy in just under six hours; this was with completing the majority of the side puzzles for the citizens of the town on top of collecting the other items as well. The game is split into 5 chapters as sort, the first four chapters take about an hour each to complete, whereas the last chapter is more or less just one long cut scene with very little interaction being needed at all. There isn’t any real replay ability in the title as the ending will be the same whatever, but there has been points which you can change the reaction of some of the characters in the latter stage of the game, depending on how you treated them on your play through – whilst this may not be a massive change on the game, it may add a little replay ability for fans of the point and click genre.

I didn’t have any technical problems during my play through, there isn’t a tutorial in the game, but if you have some knowledge of point and click games, you will be able to work it out very quickly as the inventory and controls are all the same.

Dropsy is one of the better point and click games I have played in recent memory, with a very exciting but sad story on top of some beautiful graphics and art style. The game’s low price of £6, 99 should be considered a bargain given the production values on show here. I cannot recommend this top notch indie title enough.



Final Score

7.0 /10

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