Dusting off the Switch

I picked up the Nintendo Switch at the start of June along with Zelda and Mario Kart. However since then I can count on two hands the amount of times I've actually used the console, what with picking up a PS4, continuing working through my PC backlog and couple that with the fact that I cannot get into Zelda, the Switch has just been gathering dust.

Until this weekend, when I picked up Sonic Mania. Now, I didn't grow up playing Sonic, in fact, this is my first proper Sonic game (who is the kid am I right?). This isn't going to be a review of the game but the Switch is the perfect console for it, I actually played it for two solid hours. Having played Sonic Mania, it's clear that I shouldn't be using the Switch as a main platform, but as a indie/casual machine. I almost picked up GoNNER too, but let's work through one game at a time eh?

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