Welcome to this week’s mod feature. Today we’re going to be looking at one of my favorite mods available for Fallout 4, Resurrection.

Resurrection is mainly a cosmetic mod, not changing the base game itself, rather the environments the game takes place in. Imagine instead of an arid, dead, lifeless wasteland you’re greeted with a much different, much more alive world when escaping Vault 111.

Resurrection does this fantastically. As much as I love Bethesda’s level design the world of Fallout sometimes comes across as a bit unrealistic to me. Over 200 years since ‘Total Atomic Annihilation’ and you’re telling me, plant life hasn’t got further than unappetising looking Mutfruit and dying strands of beige grass? No thank you, it’s a good thing I came across Resurrection as it does just that, it gives the plant life of the Commonwealth a much-needed facelift.

Now a problem a lot of these kind of mods have is what I like to call ‘Copy Paste environments’, you know the kinds… how weird is it that nature can create four trees in a row that look completely identical. Weird… and irritating. Thankfully this isn’t a problem I encountered regularly with this mod. Resurrection is a breath of fresh air to the game; each location looks amazingly different and is great fun to explore. On top of this, the ambient soundtrack has been altered to sound like you’re in a forest. The sunlight struggling to break through the canopy of leaves actually makes the game seem somewhat frightening. The gloomy woods are a perfect place to get lost and if you’re not careful somewhere you won’t come back from.

 I won’t lie; I felt a tad biased writing this. I just loved it SO much. Before playing Resurrection I had already put a stupid amount of hours into Fallout 4, so I knew the Commonwealth like the back of my hand. It makes the game a lot more interesting, for newcomers and returning veterans alike.

On top of the new exciting coat of paint, the environment seemed a lot more immersive to me. Birds and insects chirping away, the sound of wind swaying through the trees. The world finally felt alive. Something the Fallout series seems to have forgotten. It’s a POST apocalypse game. The apocalypse happened 200 years ago guys!

 While I had a lot of fun with the mod it did sadly have its drawbacks. Some areas of the game became a tiny bit hard to reach. I’d find a doorway blocked with a Tree (or 5) while this is incredibly annoying I was able to get around it with the console. I’m glad I found a solution but it’d be really great if the mod creator were able to iron these flaws out.

Overall I’d fully recommend Resurrection anyone looking to get back their apocalyptic Boston adventures. Sadly it is no longer available on the Nexus making it a tad difficult to find and install. If you’re patient and experienced with mod installing give it a look here:



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