Fatal Fight Review

Oh, sweet Jebus, Ninja games always get my attention, there is nothing sweeter than a bladed masked martial artist, with classics like Shadow Warrior and Mark of the Ninja, where does Fatal Fight stand in this market?

Well, if you are familiar with the 2014 release of One Finger Death Punch on Steam, then you have really experienced this game already. It is almost a straight copy of the game, just with the Ninja re-skin over the top. For those that haven’t played, you play as a ninja in a static position on a side-scrolling screen. Enemies will charge at you from both sides, your job is to slice them up. You do this by pressing the corresponding button (X for left or B for right when playing on a controller) to attack them. The actual gameplay is very simple to get a grasp of, but oh so difficult to master.  Fatal Fight incorporates a combo based system too; the higher you get your combo rating, the higher score you will get at the end. Whilst fighting these enemies, they can also drop weapons to help you in your fight, these have a timed effect and their main use is to help you get out of sticky situations.

We also have the return of the good old mobile classic gating system “You better get X amount of stars before being able to carry on in a game you paid for”. I seriously detest this kind of inclusion in a game, especially when the game has a large portion of luck factoring into it too.  Just let me scrape past at the bare minimum if I want to OKAY?! Don’t force me to replay the same stage because I am 1000 points off a third star…

Fatal Fight has very basic looking graphics, to say the least. All of the models and objects are low quality and don’t really give you any sort of WOW factor. The game does have some very good looking backgrounds to its levels, though. It’s a shame that the low-quality graphics on everything else takes the shine away from them, The animation on show is nice, and it’s a good job too as the martial art style combat would really have shown it's flawed if not.  The sound effects are sadly quite disappointing too; no variety between levels or enemies. Nothing really inspiring coming from this game’s visual or audio department sadly.  

The game starts out very easy, with a slow start to the game and a handy tutorial that explains the core mechanics, you soon get to grips with this easy to control combat system. No sooner than completing the first fifteen levels and you’ll soon realize how hard this game becomes. Enemies suddenly become a whole lot harder and there are tons of them charging at you at once. If you are a sucker for punishment, Fatal Fight has your number.

Each of the levels that you fight in is fleshed out with objects that can be used as weapons too. If you hit an enemy through a stack of boxes you’ll get a higher score bonus for example. There aren’t huge amounts of these objects, but it is nice to have items from the background be used in a gameplay mechanic.

After playing for about five hours, I am still not finished with Fatal Fight, so for its price you do get a substantial amount of content. I do see the game having some form of replay value too. There is a selection of two characters to play as, and not to mention 50 items to unlock along with  48 Steam achievements.

No technical issues, apart from you really needing a controller to get the full experience out of Fatal Fight. The controls are much more responsive in my eyes when playing this type of game on a pad over the keyboard.

There aren’t sweeping changes between this game and One Finger Death Punch. I feel that after putting a combined amount of time of almost ten hours into this fairly simple genre, I am getting a bit burnt out. Fatal Fight is cheaper, but One Finger Death Punch just feels more like a more polished game. Fatal Fight has toed the line very closely when it comes to ‘a tribute to a game’ and ‘downright copy of a game’. Sadly they come across as blatantly copying the better game and failing. Please go for the better, and the original game in this instance.


Fatal Fight

Fatal Fight

Final Score

3.5 /10

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