HP Omen 32″ Review

These days everyone is either talking about 1080p, HDR, or 4K resolutions. Console gaming has finally caught up to the 1080p standard (PC gamers, on the other hand, have been at that level for years) and it's become the norm across the board now. We have enthusiasts out there with  monster rigs capable of pushing out 4k gaming, but not a lot gets said about the middle ground.

I’ve been gaming in glorious 4K for almost two years on a 28” AOC monitor, and it has been a smooth ride without any issues... until I attended the PC Gamer Weekender a couple of weeks ago in London. There was a HP booth showing off the new Halo Wars game on the HP Omen 32” monitor. I spent almost a whole hour at that booth, and it wasn’t because I was playing Halo… it was because I couldn’t take my eyes off this monitor.

The HP Omen 32” monitor boasts a 1440p resolution, a resolution that isn’t exactly standard by any means, but slots in nicely in between regular 1080p and 4k: the middle ground, as it were. With modern day graphics cards more than capable of handling 1440p without performance drops, such a resolution just might become more common.

Nowadays if you were looking to get a decent-sized 27” 4k monitor with 60 Hz refresh rate and low response time, you could expect to spend over $650. Better specs than that land you  closer to the $1000 mark. This is where the Omen 32 really overtakes other high end monitors. It's moderately priced at just $399.

  • HP Omen 32 Specs
  • Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Built in speakers: No
  • Connectivity: DisplayPort 1.2 x1, HDMI x2, USB 2 x3

This absolute beast of a monitor packs huge performance. Not only that, but the spec sheet also boasts 100% sRGB coverage, so even in production environments it’s a great choice. The only humdrum figure I can find in its spec sheet is the 5ms response time. If you enjoy playing fast-paced shooters at your desk (and not on your couch) then you may notice that miniscule delay. I only noticed it in twitch shooters such as CS:Go but then I’m not the fastest when it comes to games like this anyway, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  I gravitate more towards story-driven games, which tend to be a little slower-paced, so the 5ms response time did not have any effect at all.

Where most people will notice a difference is in the resolution. The majority of gamers out there will be using 1080p monitors - throw in 77% more pixels and you sure as hell are going to see much more detail in your images. Colours are sharp, crisp and accurate - it was hard to even see a difference between a 4K monitor and the Omen 32.

The second biggest difference people will see is the refresh rate. The norm for PC gamers is 60fps; the higher refresh rate just make things look even smoother than before. It’s not a hugely noticeable difference when you compare it to the likes of 120hz monitors, but it’s nice all the same. Console gamers rarely go any higher than 60 fps, and that only if they are really lucky, so the difference is essentially negligible for that lot.

If you are gaming on a PC with an AMD graphics card, you can also take advantage of the FreeSync feature this monitor offers. I am running 1080s in SLI so couldn’t try it out, but the monitors on show in London were AMD, and with the FreeSync enabled you could really notice the extra silkiness of animations and movements across the screen.

The gingantic TV-sized HP Omen 32 has a sleek, matte black finish across the whole product. The matte finish is especially wonderful, because there’s nothing worse than seeing finger or handprints all over your screen; you just can’t take your eyes off them once noticed. The 12mm bezel may be a little thick by today’s standard, but you won’t notice it unless you are playing in a wraparound environment.

If you are going to use this screen as your “battlestation”, the nice selection of signal input ports means you can have your PC and two consoles hooked up with ease without having to unplug anything. If I ever find myself getting a Switch then I will for hooking it up to this rather than my TV for sure.

The screen was super easy to assemble - simply slot the stand into the base of the monitor until you hear that satisfying click and you are good to go. An incredibly sturdy build, even wobbling a desk will fail to make this mammoth move.

The HP Omen 32 is one of, if not the nicest monitors I have ever used. It’s so good, I’ve actually purchased myself a second one. My 4K monitor has been relegated to secondary screen status now, for extra real estate for web browsing and related activities. But the sheer size and refresh rate of the Omen 32 makes me prefer it over anything else for gaming. The Omen 32 is an awesome product and you will not find a better monitor out there that comes anywhere close to beating this price tag.

Omen 32"

Omen 32"

Final Score

9.5 /10


  • Size
  • Crisp image
  • Easy to assemble
  • Refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync


  • No built in speakers
  • Higher than average response time
  • Larger bezel

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