What Indie Rouguelikes Can Learn from Games like Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike action-platformer that has been climbing to the top of the Indie Charts recently, up with hits like Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight. It is currently in Early Access on Steam so it’s consistently bearing fruitful updates from its exceptional developer, Motion Twin. All of this sounds fantastic, and it really is a fantastic game. But in the PC market where indie games feel almost as if they’re being mass-produced, what makes Dead Cells so unique in this thriving genre?

In Dead Cells, you’re going to be doing a lot of 3 things. Hitting, shooting, and dying. Dead Cells creates an epic experience with clean, fluid movement in its rolling, jumping, running, dodging, swinging, climbing, and everything else you’ll be doing in the game. The controls are fast and responsive, making you feel like a swift ninja as you dance around enemies and slaughter them with your diverse collection of weaponry. This creates a level of immersiveness that is rarely seen in indie games, let alone pixel-based roguelikes.

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Your typical dungeon crawler has its wide selection of monsters, weapons, and areas, but it is often clunky and not very responsive. On the other hand, Dead Cells is fast and can quickly make you involved in every part of what’s going on on your screen. Smooth gameplay helps the Indie genre keep up with the high-end, graphically intense FPSs they sit beside in stores. The ability to easily pick up and play an Indie game is one of the attributes that sets the genre apart from others, and responsive gameplay encourages that.

Dead Cells stands apart from many games due to its fluid controls, and it shines in every aspect. Not only is the combat exciting, even death (which comes very easily) isn’t monotonous and tiring, it’s a fresh new run with permanent unlocks and a brand new dungeon. Dead Cells takes the fundamentals of predecessors like Castlevania and Metroid series while creating a fresh outlook on indie.

It is important for indie games and roguelikes to continuously evolve and improve so this wonderful genre won’t be swept away. It allows small developers and companies with limited budgets to make a significant impact in the world, and it encourages fresh ideas. There are many other Indie games besides Dead Cells that are currently influencing more and more games for the better. This genre proves how important creative independence is for the gaming industry.

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