Morph Girl Review

Morph Girl is a Horror Point and Click FMV game, inspired by Japanese horror films from the 90’s.  The story follows Elana, a lonely and secluded woman suffering with the loss of her recently deceased partner, Rebecca.  Rebecca passed away due to a terminal case of brain cancer, the story of which is quite tragic. You  are greeted with multiple flashback stories, explaining the past between Elana and Rebecca in brief texts.

The main story takes place in modern day, with Elana trying to cope with the loss of her partner, she is unable to move on and becomes stuck in a depressing cycle of wake up, go to work, go home, go to sleep. All while gradually sinking further into her grievance of Rebecca. As the days go on suspicious things begin to appear around Elana’s home, blood spatters in her bath tub, suspicious giggling coming from within the house and worse.

In Morph Girl you are able to choose what happens within these scenes, for example upon noticing the blood splatters you are given the option to investigate or leave for work. I found these optional scenarios a bit irritating at times, as I found myself choosing an option that was entirely different from what it had posed. For example an interaction between Rebecca and Elana in a flashback had the option to beg Rebecca to attempt treatment for the cancer, after selecting it Elana began to shout and scream at Rebecca angrily. If I wanted to shout at her angrily I would have chosen that… not to beg her for treatment. This takes me back to when Fallout 4 was released, choosing one conversation option and receiving something completely different. I was able to look past this as the choices in the scenes did not tend to exceed more than 2 (At most occasions) meaning I was being led down a narrative that the creators wanted me to go down. Although it might be worth mentioning there are 6 different endings, while the choices are limited in the moment they appear to stem off creating a varied amount of narrative.

 Morph Girl did some things really well and others I felt it could have improved, I’ll start with what it did well. I felt the music and sound was fantastic, whether they created it themselves or not it fit the scene perfectly. When the more paranormal scenes began to unravel the music was tense, the buildup was slow but also engaging. The music was almost piercing, giving me a sense of unease, I could tell something had changed, we were no longer following a girl grieving over her lost girlfriend. Something was different about Elanas flat, something dark. I thought this was a fantastic addition and without it the scenes would have really fell flat. The increase in tempo and pitch made it clear something was about to happen, it put me on edge as any good horror story should.

 I never like discussing negatives of an Indie game, as I feel compared to big AAA titles it's much more difficult and a lot more effort and personal attachment is put into the games. Although I have to admit the acting pulled me away from the scene slightly. The actor playing Elana just was not believable in my eyes. Seeing a ghastly entity in her hallway the most she does is widen her eyes and dart up the stairs. I want to see her reaction clearly, the game is supposed to be horror, although it had me a bit disappointed, the delivery of the actual ghostly figure was great, it seemed to draw a lot of inspiration from The Ring, Elanas reaction to her however was overall underwhelming.

While I feel the acting could be better, I admit the game had my hair stand up a few times, while not a believer of the paranormal I really do enjoy a ghost story. Seeing a twisted and dark figure walk past the door as Elana innocently watches TV really shook me, as i’m writing this now I find myself looking into my empty hallway hoping the same doesn't happen to me… which I suppose means they succeeded in writing a compelling ghost story.

The game intends to be a horror story you can delve into and take control of yourself, and while it does at times this I feel the game probably wouldn't be for everyone, if you’re an avid horror fan with a sweet spot for tragedy I would fully recommend this. If you’re the type to play Rust 12 hours a day I would steer clear, it just isn't for you.

Morph Girl

Morph Girl

Final Score

6.0 /10


  • Music/Sound Design
  • Ghost story


  • Poor acting

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