NOT A HERO is a tactical shooter game developed by Roll7. The game was released on PC in May 2015. A PS4 version of the game was released in February 2016; unfortunately the PS Vita version was cancelled.

Gameplay in Not A Hero is focused quite heavily around cover based combat.  Each level you are given a main objective which you must complete in order to finish the stage, but there are also three optional objectives which you can do to raise your score. These optional objectives can often be done at the same time as the regular main mission, but some of them you have to go out of your way for.  Gameplay is done from a side scrolling view, and your character has a range weapon, but can also roll into enemies to knock them to the ground allowing you to execute them in one shot whilst they are stunned.  You unlock new characters depending on how high your score is, all of the different characters have their own unique model, style of combat move set. The missions can vary from simply clearing a stage out of enemies right the way to escorting your aunt through an enemy gang headquarters.  This game goes to the real extremes of the spectrum.

The graphics are the tried and testing pixel style, and whilst this form is becoming ever more popular, Not A Hero’s style just looks a lot cleaner and crisper than most pixel games.  The simplistic character sprites are all really carefully put together and you are really able to get a feel for how the character should act just from the visuals from these pixelated avatars.  Due to the game being based in UK, there are some absolutely brilliant stereotypical voice acting to be heard too; some of it had me in stiches with the accents and local slang being used.

Plot wise, I absolutely loved Not A Hero, a purple rabbit called BunnyLord has come back in time to be elected as mayor to save your world from an alien invasion. You follow BunnyLord on his campaign trail to try and persuade the public to elect him by cleaning up crime in the city under his name. BunnyLord hires assassin’s to do his dirty work whilst he reaps the rewards, you are the assassin.

This game is really hard and extremely unforgiving. There are a number of enemies that can kill you in one hit, and there are often at times more than a handful of enemies shooting at you from down a corridor you can’t often see down. You have to make real use of all the cover you can and time your movement and shots perfectly without getting you’re self-covered in bullet holes. The game has taken me just over twenty hours to complete the story; and I have only barely completed it too. You are able to get a higher score by the end of the game by also completing the optional objectives each mission has.  The higher score you have, the more characters you can unlock.  The game’s only replay ability factor will only be worthwhile for people who are focused on these high scores, your average joe will more than likely be happy with the one play through of this game. I personally don’t see myself playing it any more than I already have.

I only had one technical issue whilst playing; that was the game would not run in full screen mode. Whilst the game ran fine in windows mode, it was more of an annoyance that I couldn’t run it. I would strongly recommend anyone playing this game to use a controller though, the platforming nature and controls layout really gives you the advantage on a controller over a keyboard.  

To sum up, NOT A HERO is a really good game. Whilst the game play ideas aren’t as original as I would have hoped, the rest of the production values are all very high quality. Fantastic voice acting and visually pleasing art style does this game massive favours. The comical value also holds massive positives for this release as well. This game would be even better if there was a local co-op mode included as it is a perfect format for it.  The price point of £9,99 is really fair given the amount of content to get through as well. I would strongly recommend Not A Hero



Final Score

7.0 /10

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