Review Policy

TeamTom Reviews tells you whether or not we liked something and why. The reviews aim to equip the consumer with enough information, opinion, context and analysis to decide whether you will find a game interesting.

We select which games to review based on two factors. Whether we have been contacted by a publisher or developer that has requested us to review their game, and most of all, if we actually think the game is something that would be of interest to the viewership. We do not review the shovel-ware type asset-flips that are becoming more and more common on the Steam store as of late.

We spend enough time with a game to understand it completely, whether that means completing the game back to front or not but all games are different so this can’t be used as an exact science. All reviews will state how much time has been spent with the game.

We only review games that are retail copies, we do not review games in pre-alpha, debug phases or beta versions.

When reviewing games before launch, we abide by all embargo dates and NDA disclosures set out by the developer, publisher or PR company before hand.

We very rarely revisit a review. If a game receives a review by us, then a few months down the line the game receives a large amount of changes, then the review may be revisited but it is only under extreme circumstances this will happen.

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