What’s under your blanket Review

What’s under your blanket ?! is a pewdiepie-bait clicker game. I know what you are thinking, are you really going to do a serious review for this game? Sorry to disappoint you but afraid I am.

The main aim for the game is to… “finish yourself” under your blanket without being caught by various members of your family. You do this by spam clicking on your blanket to raise your bar (no pun intended) and get a higher score multiplier. As soon as someone comes into the room you need to stop what you are doing, get up and shut the door. That is the whole game. Want arthritis? This game is a sure way to get there. I played the game for 15 minutes and my write is hurting more now than when it does after a full on 12 hour binge playing games. I get that the game is a joke, but it is a joke which is on a front store page asking for people’s money. This is easily a game that should be web based on NewGrounds or a flash game. Not on Steam.

Graphically it is clearly trying to rip South Park’s Terrance and Philip visual style. Granted it is done well, but it’s not an original idea and it doesn’t sit right for me. The sound effects are poor and soundtrack is the same tune on repeat.

The game is very much luck based. Whether you finish a level is dependent on how many times you get interrupted, and whether you get interrupted towards the start of your multiplier or when you are in the higher numbers. There is no skill involved other than how fast you can click.  The game has ten levels, and two different level types, the “regular game” as described above, and an arm wrestling competion which is exactly the same, just less skill involved as you only have to spam click.

I finished the game in less than half an hour. Achievement hunters will have their fill of maybe another half an hours’ worth of content. Sadly there isn’t any more to say about the game’s length. I guess you could say there is some replay ability, but I would question why you would want to play the game initially in the first place.

Thankfully the game does actually run unlike some games on Steam. I would of actually preferred the game not run or have technical problems as it will save yourself going through this awful game and you’ll warrant that refund regardless. Sadly I have owned the game longer than two weeks so I cannot cash out on this game. That being said, the game’s regular price is 79p. Yes it’s cheap, but so is herpes and chlamydia. Do yourself a favour and don’t even waste 79p on this “game”, put it towards something that is much more worthy of your time and hard earned money.

What’s under your blanket

What’s under your blanket

Final Score

0.5 /10

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