XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Review

Hello, today we’ll be looking at a game that I have already sunk an unsafe amount of hours into, even before the newest expansion, War of the Chosen, was added.  That game is XCOM 2.

Now, today I won’t be reviewing the base game of XCOM 2, mostly what this newest expansion (WotC to keep it simple) has added to the already fantastic game.

For the most part you’re still playing XCOM 2, however with the addition of WotC the game world has been expanded hugely, we’ve been given new toys to play with, expanded story, new locations, new features, different game scenarios and as you can see a few new baddies.  The three attractive characters you can see in the image above us there, these are the aforementioned Chosen. Three Alien hunters that have been tasked with recovering the Commander (You) from the resistance. For those unfamiliar in the start of XCOM 2 your character is found in an Alien facility. He has presumably been locked up here for 20 years. I won’t be ruining it too much in case there’s anyone out there reading this who hasn't had the chance to play the base game.

The chosen includes the Assassin, a fast and nimble killer that relies on stealth and close combat to take out your men. The Hunter, who likes to pick you off from a distance (He also enjoys talking, like a lot… I enjoyed punching this one round the back off the head with my robotic unit). Finally we have the Warlock, seemingly the leader of this bunch of hunters, he is the most psionically gifted of the three. (Let’s just say he is good at using purple space magic)

Enough about the actual Chosen, what does this new expansion bring to the game?

A lot of new game modes for one, one of my favourite being The Lost.

The Lost are a type of Zombie unit that are left over from a type of bioweapon not seen since the previous game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

They move in large swarms and can easily overwhelm your men if you’re not careful.

The Lost can show up in other missions too, for example I found myself fighting a large division of Advent Soldiers to get to a security station, only for the station to be practically decimated by the intense fighting between Advent and The Lost.

One thing i’m happy about is that The Lost actually target the Aliens. The Enemy of my enemy is somewhat my friend?

As well as The Lost, a lot of new units were introduced, including The Spectre, a robotic unit made up of thousands of tiny nanobots, these robots create a dark copy of your soldiers, essentially causing you to fight yourselves. You’re unable to get your soldier back until the spectre itself is killed.

We have Advent Purifiers, simply an Advent soldier with a Flamethrower… do NOT attempt to kill one with a sword, it will end badly. Every time. Advent Priests, an Advent unit with Psionic abilities. They help bolster Advent squads and make them more of a challenge.

We’ve been introduced to three new resistance factions, The Templars, The Skirmishers and The Reapers. Now the Reapers are possibly the weakest of the three groups, however they make up for this in stealth, stealthier than any XCOM units, they are able to get in and out of Alien Facilities easily, setting them to explode and completing missions without a single encounter. Good for when you need to avoid a fight.

The Skirmishers are defective Advent Soldiers that have turned on the Aliens, they swore revenge on what the Aliens had done to them and now serve XCOM, with a host of new gadgets, mostly revolving around their handy grappling gun, the Skirmishers are a useful addition to any squad.

And lastly the Templars, a bunch of resistance fighters that have unlocked the key to harnessing the Aliens Psionic energy for themselves, making them a group of deadly close combat warriors, my personal favourite.


That’s all I’m going to go into regarding the details as I could honestly go on for about 10 more pages, there’s that many new features. Only one negative comes to mind for War of the Chosen.

If you know XCOM 2, the way you get around the world is scanning and flying around a simulated map of the globe. With the introduction of WotC I feel as if there are even more interruptions, with the same time limit as before. I have to do twice as much work fighting the Alien overlords, The Lost and The Chosen at the same time that I was very overwhelmed, despite having played the game 3 or 4 times before. I relied on modding the game to give me more time to combat the Aliens before their master plan was completed and the game lost. Despite this the new expansion is a welcome and very excellent addition to the already fantastic game.  A must have for any XCOM fans or people interested in getting into the series. We really do recommend you get it!


XCOM 2 War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen

Final Score

9.0 /10

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